AvaMods 5.o Beta Transition Downtime

There will be some downtime this weekend for the game server and a few other things. I will be replacing the alpha hard drive, doing a fresh install, and a few other minor things for the 5.o beta. Since I have other things to do besides the server, it might take longer till everything is back up. But there will be a stable beta up and running by the end of the weekend.

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Friday, October 07, 2016 - 10:44PM

AvaMods 5.o DoD 1.3 Alpha Server - IP Update

Well it turns out that the server IP has changed for some reason..

The new IP is

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Friday, September 30, 2016 - 07:23AM

AvaMods 5.o DoD 1.3 Alpha Server

So I figure I should probably say something about the current state of things here at AvaMods...

Some of you might have noticed that there has been an AvaMods DoD 1.3 server running since September 2nd. You might be wondering why its being called an 'alpha' server too.

Basically I've got a server up and running (you can view the server specs by going to the 'Server Info' link on the menu). But it is currently in an alpha stage because of several reasons. The main reason being that I'm not quite sure how the server performance will be to begin with. Then the secondary reason is that it is currently running on a hard drive that I stopped using probably at least a year ago because it was having major issues and was rapidly dying on me. Though in terms of the hard drive, I have reduced most of the noticeable issues by using a small 500GB partition (its a 3TB drive) and disabling any SMART monitoring. This seems to have helped in avoiding the bad sectors of the HDD as well as the constant hanging when retrieving the SMART data. I do plan on eventually getting a new HDD (hopefully sooner then later) to replace another drive, and then cycling through a chain of HDD upgrades should result in me having a free 500GB Western Digital Black drive that I will then use for the server.

And that ties into yet another reason for the alpha stage of the server. Since it has been quite some time since I ran a server or did anything server related, I've got to refresh my memory on how to do all this stuff. So once I have a new HDD and I'm happy and comfortable with the server setup I plan on doing a fresh install across the board (right now the server machine is a bit of a mess from just trying to figure things out and not planning ahead very much on the organization of it and all). When all that happens (which could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months from now), the server will move into the beta stage. Once any bugs/issues as well as various tweaking etc reach a satisfying point during the beta, AvaMods 5.o will go final. I also already have a few ideas planned for after that point which could result in minor 5.x version upgrades (which I dont think has happened since the 2.x days!).

On a side note, my already complete lack of GTAV posts (even though I said they were coming) is on track to continue to be lacking (heavily influenced by my increasing lost of interest in GTAV).

So anyway, feel more then free to check out the server and spread the word. I know the DoD player base is quite small now days so it will take a lot more effort and team work to make the server reach any level of population.

You can connect to the server by using the direct IP ( or you can also use server.avamods.com in place of the IP. This method might be more useful if for some reason the IP should change down the road. You can also browse to that address (http://server.avamods.com) and it should also automatically connect you.

That's basically it for now, I just felt that some sort of explanation regarding the server should be made. You are more than welcome to hit up the forums or message me on steam about anything if you feel the desire to do so...

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Friday, September 16, 2016 - 04:10PM

[GTA V Mods] Backlog Part 2 - Textures + Other

Here is Part 2, a week later then I originally planned and also including less then I was hoping to get ready by now. But it's still something right? In the coming weeks I hope to be able to finish up what is remaining and get it all posted together for Part 3. And again, check out each of the download pages for the change logs etc..

New Release:

TUG Tech Airtug v1.0


Modified Flashlight v2.1

DirecTV Blimp (Xero) v1.1
DOA to DEA v1.1
Dodge Shadow v1.1
Franklin's Hats v1.1
Franklin's House v0.2
IAA to CIA v1.1
L.A. Metro Local Bus v1.1

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Saturday, July 09, 2016 - 10:17PM

[GTA V Mods] Backlog Part 1 - Scripts

It's time to start clearing out some of my backlog of mods that have been sitting here waiting for me to be a little less lazy. For the first part we have some script releases. This includes a new mod as well as a few updates to some that have previously been released. Check out the individual download pages for descriptions and change logs. Part 2 will most likely focus on some texture mods. There is no ETA on when part 2 will get posted but stay tuned, it's coming....

New Release:

Vehicle Weapon v1.0


Engine Control v3.0
Persistent Vehicles v1.2
Helmet Walkers Fix v2.0
Radar Zoom Extras v1.1

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Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 08:25PM

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